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The Voice of WriterShelf
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WriterShelf is a unique privacy-oriented publishing and forum platform to share your writing.

Every author wants readers who come back for more. Follow-to-Read and Approved Access give you tools to publish premium content to enhance your connection with fans and build loyal readers.


Following is the most direct way for readers to connect with an author. Follow-to-Read articles ask readers to take that step. When readers click a Follow-to-Read article they see a summary of the contents but must follow your pen name to read the full article.

Use Follow-to-Read to build a bond with your readers.

When readers follow your pen name, they get access to your full library of Follow-to-Read articles and receive notifications when you publish new articles.

Follow-to-Read lets you design your content so that new readers can discover your writing through public articles, but to go deeper they need to follow your pen name.

Learn more about how Follow-to-Read can help you connect with readers.

Approved Access

Keep discussions within your group.
Approved Access puts you control who is able to read and comment on your articles. It's the perfect way to share drafts for proofreading and feedback from beta readers.

Approved Access lets you take the next step with your readers by creating a closed group. Use Approved Access to reward loyal readers, share information with members of an organization or even arrange payment for your work. 

Leveraging Multiple Tiers

Approved Access lets you create a three-tier system for your content.

Use public content to let new readers discover your work and encourage them to follow. When they follow, readers connect as fans and gain access to Follow-to-Read content. They also receive notifications when you publish new articles. Approved Access lets you produce a level of exclusive content only for readers you choose. It's your own closed group where members can participate knowing discussions are only within the group.

Approved Access is a two-step process. Readers first submit their request. You then review and approve each request. Only after you approve can they read your content and participate in discussions.

As the content owner, you have full control over who sees your work.

Find out more about Approved Access how it can can work for you.

WriterShelf™ is a unique multiple pen name blogging and forum platform. Protect relationships and your privacy. Take your writing in new directions. ** Join WriterShelf**
WriterShelf™ is an open writing platform. The views, information and opinions in this article are those of the author.

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Published: 2019/07/18 - Updated: 2020/10/19
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WriterShelf is a privacy-oriented platform that lets you write using pen names.
Everyone has a story to tell. WriterShelf gives you the freedom to be yourself.

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WriterShelf is a privacy-oriented writing platform. Unleash the power of your voice. It's free!
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